Is there a young person in your life who looks up to you? Even if this youth is not your son or daughter you can still play an important part in their lives. As a mentor you can become a positive influence in the life of a young person in need of this kind of support. A good mentor can become a valued resource in the developing years of a teen. But what do teens look for in a mentor? Here are some tips on what they consider the traits of a good mentor.

1 – Be Fun To Be Around

Being Fun to be Around Can be a Great Way to Connect.
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You can give a teen a lot of great memories just be being a fun person they can go to. You can have fun in several ways including participating in outdoor activities like hiking, walking or by getting involved in leisure sports such as bowling, softball or whatever else is an interest you both share and enjoy doing together.

2 – Be A Positive Influence

Sometimes teens just need to have some positive energy thrown in their direction. You can do this just by being upbeat, encouraging and by offering solid assistance when needed.

3 – Respect Them

The trust the teen has chosen to place in you is a huge deal to them. You need to be able to show that you are worthy of this honour by being committed to the friendship bond that is building. They are going to share things with you they won’t share with parents or friends. Do not betray that trust.

4 – Be Realistic With Goals

You are mentoring this person at an important time in their lives. Your efforts should be focused on developing a connection knowing that you will play a role in their development over time. Do not expect anything more.

5 – Share Responsibility

Give the teen you are mentoring some responsibility in the choices being made for the time you spend together. Maybe they don’t always feel like doing what you want to do. Trust their judgment and follow their lead at times.

6 – Don’t Push Conversation

Sometimes the teen just wants to get things off their chest. Sometimes they don’t want to talk about anything. Let the youth you are mentoring have control over the conversation so they get out whatever has to get out.

7 – Listen

If you listen, without saying a word, you will earn more trust. Don’t judge or criticize. Just listen.

8 – Be A Friend

Remember to Be A Friend and Not an Authority Figure.
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You are not this person’s parent nor are you an authority figure in their life. You are a friend.

Mentoring Is Good For Both Of You

There is nothing like enriching your life like enriching the life of a young person in a mentoring role. You will learn things about someone new in your life as well as learn some new things about yourself. Big Brothers/Big Sisters are mentors and always need to have more participants in their program. If you are interested in becoming part of the movement in Prince George call 250-563-7410.