Summer is here, and it is time to start thinking of summer camps and extracurricular activities for your children. With so many different camps and programs available, it is important to look at what programs offer unstructured play for your children. The benefits of this type of playtime are enormous, and the skills that your child will learn will help them for years to come

Color Outside The Lines

Creativity is the perfect way to let your child express themselves and build confidence in who they are. Every picture that is drawn, idea put on paper, and idea imagined, help children evolve and feel confident with their imagination. Through unstructured creative time, a child grows and builds the skills they need to feel comfortable with their ideas and sharing those with others. Day camps like Craft and Create allow children the chance to build problem-solving skills and higher self-esteem.

Building Friendships

Unstructured play is the perfect opportunity for children to build social skills and grow friendships. It is during this time that kids cultivate their socialization abilities through shared interactions. Learning to play with someone is an integral part of growing, and the benefits are long lasting. Not only does unstructured play time give children the opportunity to improve their social skills, but it also allows them the chance to build lifelong friendships.

Decisions Decisions

Unstructured play goes far beyond building friendships and creativity. Studies suggest that when children have a balance of unstructured and structured play, the ability to make decisions and the development of the brain are both impacted positively. When children are given time to play freely, they are more likely to pay attention during academic learning. The decision-making process also becomes much easier for children to navigate when they are given the opportunity to enjoy free time.

Enjoying Outdoor Time

Over the past 50 years, the amount of time that children spend outdoors has declined by leaps and bounds. This has created issues with depression, anxiety, and isolation. Although we all know the fun, you can have playing on your iPhone, or checking out things on your computer, the benefits of being outdoors particularly for a child are worth the read. Stress levels decrease when children get the opportunity to spend time outdoors and with unstructured playtime, this couples with the benefits mentioned above. BBBS summer programs include outdoor activities and unstructured play which is the perfect combination for building a healthy lifestyle and developing strong independent kids.

Enjoy seeing your child grow and learn some valuable skills over the summer months and let them experience all that the BBBS Prince George Summer camps have to offer. We believe in the development of your children socially, cognitively, creatively and physically. Children will build respect for themselves and each other while they have fun and build lasting friendships this summer.